Count Down To The Big Day

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Our Story

Boy Meets Girl

The first time we laid eyes on each other was in Professor Fluman's watercolor class on the top floor of the Wesley College Chapel in 2010. I was sitting alone at the end of the row by the door, wearing my favorite spaghetti strap summer dress covered in tropical blue flowers, and by a touch of fate, Chris came in five minutes late. I caught his eye and luckily the only seat in the room just happened to be next to me, he couldn't help but sit down. I caught the spark instantly, him in his bright red soccer jersey. We sat next to each other flirting for the next few months until finally we went on our first date. Sometimes you just know, even at first sight. 

Our Engagement

Our Adventure To Forever

We got engaged on September 5, 2014, while on a surprise trip Chris had planned to Costa Rica (it was our second visit). We went on a spectacular adventure that day filled with all sorts of activities including zip-lining, horseback riding, white water rafting, repelling, hiking, followed by some much-needed rest at the spa and hot springs that afternoon. Chris was pushing my limits but managed to introduce me to a side of myself I hadn't seen in a while. We did it all together; it was magic and adventurous. After the action-filled activities, we took a short intermission for lunch with our tour guide Jario. Our belly's full on wine, imperial beer and a four-course meal with beautiful views overlooking the sprawling canyon and river. The hot springs and our intimate floating meditation soothing; the mud bath left our skin feeling silky. The hot springs surrounded by flowers and jungle fauna with the vibrant pink hues and smells of fresh ginger (perfect for us sushi lovers). The trip wasn't yet complete. We still had a hike ahead. We continued to Llanos de Cortez Waterfall, where we shared the most beautiful moment God could have graced us. Chris proposed beneath the waterfall he convinced me to swim underneath. Without a doubt, I said yes to the love of my life. Afterward, it started to rain; the waterfall flowed majestically overhead as we escaped the weather to celebrate.